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Fusion Fall Retreat 2016

The last weekend in October, 20 high school students and five leaders made the four-hour trip to Pine Springs Camp for their annual Fusion Fall Retreat. The weekend was filled with adventures, challenges, conversations, games and much more. It was truly two campuses coming together as one church. Here are a few highlights shared by two leaders:

“One of my favorite things was the way that the teens engaged in conversation around the teaching session. Our plan of having a 45-minute session quickly turned into over an hour, not because we were long-winded but because of the questions we were discussing. I was reminded of how often we talk at teens and not with them—and how much this can change the learning process and helping them engage.“ — Next Generation Pastor Johnny Johnston

“There was definitely a melding of the two campuses. They all left with a buzz in the air. I was so jazzed to see the unity and friendship that was starting to form, even among the grades. There was no separation from freshman to senior. Loved it!!!” — a Fusion parent