Ripple Effects

As we move into a new season of ministry, we celebrate God’s blessing on Willowdale over the years. We want to steward that blessing well, turning it into a blessing that touches the world. We are, after all, blessed to be a blessing! With this in view, we have undertaken a ministry expansion initiative called Ripple Effects. There are new opportunities in our church, community, and world for God’s grace to ripple out more and more. But seizing them requires united hearts, bold prayers, and capital funding. Our campaign runs from December 2017 through February 2019, and seeks to raise $3.8 million. The plan we’ve outlined pursues facility development at both campuses, a new church plant, a third Willowdale campus, and an investment in Bombay Teen Challenge. Check out the resources below to learn more, and throw in with us!



Willowdale Chapel is one church of 1,500 people in two locations. Thousands are touched each year by our ministry, hundreds have found Christ and been baptized, and scores serve faithfully together in our church and communities. Here are a few stories of folks who are part of the Willowdale community and have seen the Ripple Effects in their own lives.



  1. Finish and expand the Jennersville Campus: Build out unfinished space creating a great facility for children, expand the worship center from 200-300 seats, reconfigure the floor plan to accommodate a middle and high school youth ministry, offices and seminar rooms.
  2. Renovate various aspect of the Kennett Campus: Overhaul the Chapel creating 6,000 square feet of usable space for youth and our many mid-size ministries. Expand the worship center stage to better accommodate baptisms, enhance worship services and accommodate other stage productions. Also, overhaul our technology (AVL) systems to get on a single user-friendly platform and enable online video capabilities.
  3. Plant new churches and start a global ministry partnership: Seed the Project 9:38 church plant, create a new third Willowdale campus in a nearby community and invest in Bombay Teen Challenge to address the issue of human sex trafficking.